Swahili Gem Apartments
Mombasa, Kenya

Year: 2012-2017
Client: Swahili Gem Ltd. Kenya
Area: 4000 m2
Status: Completed
Team: Estrella de Andrés, Marcos Velasco, Ahmed Shamuty
-AAK-Awards of Excellence in Architecture: Best Residential Project, 2013-Honorable Mention.
-AAK-Awards of Excellence in Architecture: Best Residential Building Project, 2017-First Prize.





Tudor Apartments is an intimate project of 14 apartments in Tudor Creek-Mombasa. Enveloped in a mashrabiya structural shell, the building is distinctive in its creative design, ensuring privacy and optimizing natural ventilation and lighting.

We took the challenge of translating our contemporary Swahili style to a groundbreaking high-rise structure where the apartments benefit from the experience of outdoor living, contact with nature and the integration of the surroundings into each private home.

Plot Photos