Casuarina Apartments
Malindi, Kenya

Year: 2014
Client: Casuarina Breeze Ltd. Kenya
Area: 4.600 m2
Team: Estrella de Andrés, Borja Arellano, Raúl Gantes
Status: Construction Drawings
Renders: Edwin Seda + Urko Sánchez Architects

Here we have two apartment buildings in Malindi, situated in quite a tight space and in a neighborhood which is going to develop further in ways we can’t foresee. Therefore, our primary concerns were maximizing the views and allowing for natural ventilation. By controlling these aspects of atmosphere and construction, we could better protect the residential complex from future construction.




Our initial approach has been to build a “block” that intrinsically incorporates many features of Swahili architecture, meaning that it is closed to the outside, open to the inside, achieved primarily through internal courtyards and gardens. But our intention is to do this on a scale more tremendous than is typical of Islamic style, creating a huge gate at the entrance with high surrounding walls that safeguard the interior courtyards. These overflow with terraces of flowers and vegetation around a gigantic pool. Featured timber or Mashrabiyas lattice wooden accents will enhance the traditional style. Casuarina Apartments will come in three different models – one, two and three bedrooms – all of this with wide terraces overlooking the splendid courtyard and gardens.

Back Elevation

Floor Plan