Swahili Dreams
Lamu, Kenya

Year: 2014
Client: Swahili Dreams Ltd. Kenya
Area: 1.600 m2
Team: Blanca Sánchez-Balgoma, Verónica García Iguaz
Status: Completed
Photos: Javier Callejas, Corrie Wingate, Urko Sánchez Architects
-AAK-Awards of Excellence in Architecture: Best Residential Building Project, 2016-First Prize.


This project represents an innovation in the Island. Set in the heart of Lamu Town and resembling Lamu House in its atmosphere, these apartments embrace a completely new concept – privately-owned condominiums.



They were designed and constructed not as just a block of separate boxes, but in concert with the environment in which they were set, incorporating the flavour of old-world style with the taste of all the modern conveniences.