Four Houses in Manzooni
Machakos, Kenya

Year: 2014
Client: UKOO Ltd. Kenya
Area: 650m2  X 4
Team:  Marcos Velasco, Eric Lindenberg, Ranjit Singh
Status: Completed
Photos: Javier Callejas, Urko Sánchez Architects


A very special, Machakos-based client asked Urko Sanchez Architects to develop a house which featured, mainly, a thatched roof and contemporary architecture.

Accordingly, our team did a tremendous amount of investigative research on thatched roofing in South Africa where there is copious experience in building this type of resourceful, eco-friendly covering.

We also proceeded to develop a floor plan for the home in which all of the rooms basically view the beautiful hills at the front of the plot, in the direction of faraway Lukenya, Thika. A double-storey living room and the strong presence of a ceramic, pot-bellied chimney in the center of it all provide a natural, “living” presence in this Machakos residence.

We gained a lot of expertise in the features, benefits and recent enhancements of this particular roofing technique in order render “Four Houses for Four Friends” a comfortable, classic, yet cutting-edge reality.

Plot Photos