Kizingo Apartments
Mombasa, Kenya

Year: 2012
Client: Private, International
Area: 9.700m2
Team: Borja Arellano
Status: Design Stage

In preparation for this project, we conducted an extensive urban analysis to identify the history and development of Mombasa since the 1700s. Ancient maps revealed that the plot rested right next to some of the most iconic buildings in the old city – Fort Jesus, the Mombasa Hospital, the District Commission House, the Mombasa Club and the lighthouse.

 In consulting these references, our team realized that the site resembled Istanbul, also on a peninsula, in its architectural sensibility. And today, that city’s development also succeeds in capturing relevance to our current century. Istanbul is, indeed, one of the models for Islamic building, and the clients were very interested in the apartments reflecting an idea of the future for Mombasa.

We also felt it very important to reference its seaside location, proposing four ways in which residents could experience that: as an “overview” from the top; leaning out over a balcony; protected inside but with “seascape” windows; and, on the ground floor, through nature, or by living in a garden house. 

Overall, Urko Sanchez Architects’ proposal is to bring to life a residential building that becomes the lighthouse of the new Mombasa.