K Hotel
Nanyuki, Kenya

Year: 2014
Client: Private. Kenya
Area: 2.800 m2
Team: Ana Núñez
Status: Design Stage

What makes this project special is the plot itself: its major attraction is the 10m high cliff generated by an old quarry, together with the river that acts as one of the plot boundaries. It is something unique and full of possibilities so together with the client we agreed that the design should relate/focus/play with this landmark.

Therefore the architectural proposal is based on the relationship of the buildings with the cliff which is determined by the space between them, exploring through all the different options.
A building that is born in one side of the cliff and runs all the way to the other side, where it melts again with the rocks.
This organic shape is built in a simple cost-effective structure, covered by a wooden skin which adapts to its shape generating very attractive spaces. The wooden skin provides the building its uniqueness by merging with the surroundings through its dialogue with the cliff.

-Each room will be facing the cliff but at a different distance.
-The space between the building and the cliff will be suitable for different uses, providing a different experience on each room.
-The organic narrow and long shape will allow natural ventilation in all the spaces.
-Simple structure to be cost-effective.
-Gaps between the different areas to make the building permeable.
-Wooden skin tighten all up, providing its uniformly and unique identity.