Contemporary Swahili Town
Mombasa, Kenya

Year: 2012
Client: Vipingo Properties Ltd. Switzerland
Area: 50.000 m2
Team: Estrella de Andrés, Borja Arellano
Status: Design Stage

This undertaking represents Urko Sanchez Architects’ largest project thus far. Consisting of over 100 varying units on a 65-acre plot, Vipingo Properties is located on the cliffs with access to two separate beaches. Here, we are creating a tremendous living experience where style meets substance, marrying Kenyan coastal architecture with demands and needs of a 21st-century client. 

Our modern Swahili village will retain the spirit and atmosphere of such original settlements, featuring traditional courtyards, open-air elements that bring the outside into the home, reclaimed wood, lime, high ceilings and thick walls. On the other hand, we’ll be incorporating a Westernized use of space, including glass, concrete and unhampered views of the gardens.

Cliff House

Country House

Ocean House