Gaba Gaba House
Lamu Island, Kenya

Year: 2008
Client: Private,  UK
Area: 450 m2
Team: Ángeles Mira
Status: Completed

Because this private home was to be located on the back of the town on Shela Beach with many tall buildings blocking its sea views, we wanted to raise the living space as much as possible.

We set up the ground floor for staff quarters, and for services such as laundry and storage. Then we built this huge elegant staircase up to the entrance. All the spaces on this first floor – the kitchen, dining and living room areas – spill out onto a beautiful courtyard.

Second floor bedrooms are open to the outside as is the rooftop terrace (with a plunge pool), giving each of them great views of the ocean. The light flows in this house because everything is so open.