Vipingo Club House
Mombasa, Kenya

Year: 2009
Client: Vipingo Ridge Ltd. Kenya
Area: 1000 m2
Team: Iñaki Alonso, María Gil de Montes
Status: Completed
Photos: Alberto Heras
Awards: International Property Awards Africa 2012-13: Best Golf Development Kenya-Winner.

This building is a good example of what we call contemporary Swahili architecture with its high ceilings, traditional décor, and 21st century conveniences.

As such, we designed it to be 1) located in the centre of it all and at the highest point of the plot, 2) a strong presence, 3) pleasing to the eye, 4) an atmospheric getaway and 5) an interesting view from every angle, hence its regular shape. We introduced environmental features such as solar panels, while still creating a space – complete with changing rooms, a pro shop, office bar and a kitchen – that looks and feels luxurious.