Anidan Pediatric Clinic
Lamu, Kenya

Year: 2007
Client: ANIDAN, Kenya
Area: 350m2
Team: Margarita Colorado
Status: Completed
Photos: Alberto Heras, Javier Callejas, Urko Sanchez Architects

This children’s clinic is located on the outskirts of Lamu where there had previously been no medical assistance.

The budget was quite restricted, so we focused on using locally-available materials – coral stone, mangrove poles, lime and makuti.

To avoid heavy energy consumption, the design had to ensure that the building would remain cool during the many hot months on the island. This factor translated into creating natural ventilation via a long alleyway that is open to the roof and works like a chimney, drawing air in and out.

In addition, the whole project is powered by windmills and solar panels. Since construction, the clinic has been a complete success, attending to some 50,000 children in just two years.