Marakaru Hotel
Bungoma, Kenya

Year: 2012-2013
Client: Private, KENYA
Area: 7600 m2
Status: Design Stage
Team: Borja Arellano

This 50-room boutique hotel in Bungoma required our standard analysis of location, taking into consideration panoramic views, and a mixed topography of boulders and savannah.

How could we best integrate building into the surroundings, amidst giant boulders? What would be the implications of sun, rain, wind and temperature? How could we define flat areas so that they still looked and felt special and visionary? Was starting with varying elevations the most imaginative? 
The answer: five VIP cottages set at the highest point of the plot, complete with a spa, conference area, swimming pools and a hotel centrepiece, all of which maximized a sense of flow.