The Red Pepper House
Lamu, Kenya

Year: 2009
Client: Private, Spain
Area: 1750 m2
Team: Iñaki Alonso, Fernando Navadijos
Status: Completed
Photos: Alberto Heras, Steve Mann
Awards: CA'ASI Association, France.
Young Architects in Africa Competition 2014, winner.
-AAK-Awards of Excellence in Architecture, Kenya.
Best Hospitality Industry Project 2013.
-Archdaily building of the year 2013, finalist.
-International Property Awards Africa.
Best Architecture Single Residence Kenya, 2012-13.
-Condé Nast Traveller Hot List, 2011
-Condé Nast Traveller Spain Gold List, 2011






Again, this project was very special to us. Because the eight-acre plot was surrounded by an acacia forest, we actually drew the house in the open spaces between the trees.

Red Pepper is a very small, very exclusive, very luxurious hotel that gives one the sense of being outdoors, in the open, even when the space you’re in is completely covered.

The huge makuti roof covers a platform which is also done in free form, and from that platform, different cube-shaped, coral stone buildings representing private and public spaces emerge where comfort is key.

It has a completely organic shape, undulating with soft curves.