Vipingo Ridge Villas
Mombasa, Kenya

Year: 2009
Client: Vipingo Ridge Ltd. Kenya
Area: 18.000m²
Team: Iñaki Alonso
Status: Completed
Photos: Franck Paubel, Ian Hay

Forty luxurious villas spread over three levels with sea views from every single room. This 15-acre development, in true contemporary Swahili style, offers up great terraces, natural ventilation and stucco finishes.

Adding further allure is that motor vehicles are restricted to the perimeter of the development. Only golf carts, pedestrians and bicyclists are allowed as transport throughout the villas, allowing for more leisure and less traffic.

There are six different models for the townhouses which are built in clusters of five, but no two clusters are the same. Each shares a common swimming pool while individual units feature a plunge pool on their first-floor terraces.

Ground Floor - First Floor